Cargo Pants


Cargo Work Pants

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Price Starting At $15.93 Lazzar Brand

Stock product, available for immediate delivery.
60% Alg. 40% Poliéster 

Cargo Work pants for Men
Cargo Work pants for Women

Cargo Work pants available in inventory, without minimum quantities and immediate delivery:
- Navy (Men & Women)
- Khaki
- Black

Cargo pants are available in flat front, and with a double stitch ExtraDurability.

Marca Lazzar.
Ultra Color Durability & Fabric Resistant Technology.

Colors: Navy, black and kakhi.

Prices – Order Quantity 15 - 49 50 - 99 100 - 499 500 - 2500
Cargo Work pants 18.60 17.27 16.60 15.93
Cargo Work Pants (Volvo special model) - - 29.90 28.90

Our Cargo Work Pants are made specially for high durability under stress conditions.
Lazzar quality, with reinforced small stitching, Brinco interlining, manufactured with fine fabrics, able to withstand long-lasting durability with continuous use. We encourage you to contact our sales agents so we can advise you to the specific needs of your business, program a visit or send product samples so you can compare the quality of our Cargo Work Pants. 

Cargo Work Pants available in high quality and durability fabrics. 

Prices include the following (plus tax):
- Delivery to the Continental United States (orders above 50 pieces).
- Ironing
- Individual Packaging
- Warranty

Our Cargo Work pants care available in Navy, Black and Khaki.

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