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Uniforms made to fit the needs of your company
Uniforms made to fit the needs of your company

Our expertise.

Production, Embroidering, Sale, Commercialization and Distribution of Corporate, Executive and Industrial Uniforms.

Lazzar USA uniforms offers the highest level of service to large, medium and small size businesses by providing high quality and durability uniforms. Our company differentiates itself by offering top quality products and services through our attentive and friendly personnel, combined with the most competitive market prices.

The vertical integration and strategic partnership with the best international suppliers and takes the company to the highest development levels, combined with the presence of top salesman and distributors, which allows our high end products to reach the best company’s and customers. With a very efficient distribution and logistic system, and a unique and fresh look, Lazzar further differentiates itself from competitors by retaining customers since the opening of the first plant in 1986, basing it on the company’s top quality and service.

Try today the new Lazzar uniform for your company and see for yourself that our leadership and quality are well acquainted for.

LAZZAR USA, Uniforms made to fit the needs of your Company

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