High-Visibility Shirt

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High Visibility Shirts for rough use, available from 50 pieces upon special requests.
3M reflective material.

100% Cotton. High Visibility Durable Color (Industrial Shirts, Work Coveralls, Work Vests, Pants).
100% Polyester Dry Fit High Visibility (Polo Shirt, Customized T-Shirts)
100% Cotton. Outside and 100% Polyester Fleece Lining (on Jackets)

Lazzar Brand.
High Visibility Technology.
Permanent Colour

# of pieces 1 to 14 15 to 49 50 to 99 100 to 499 500 or more
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High Visibility Shirt. Lazzar brand, from the highest quality fabrics and safely stitched, with double-needle seams and hems, Brinco interlining, able to withstand long-lasting durability with continuous use.
We encourage you to contact our sales agents so we can advise you to the specific needs of your business, program a visit, or send product samples so you can compare the quality of our clothes.

High Visibility Shirts are perfect to protect workers, from the brand Lazzar, they are highly durable with a continuous use.

We hace High Visibility use for industrial workers.
We also produce High Visibility Shirts special designs from 50 pieces.

If you are interested in our high visibility clothing for your company, you can contact our sale agents and they will gladly give you more informations about our products. 

High Visibility Shirts:
We have High Visibility Clothing special design production from 50 pieces.
It is possible to produce special orders with the design and the colors of your choice, or High Visibility made of 100% Cotton.

Prices include the following (plus tax):

- Logo embroidery (orders above 15 units). 
- Logo design (orders above 100 units)
- Delivery to US Continental States (orders above 50 units).
- Ironing
- Individual Packaging
- Warranty

3M reflective material.

For orders over 100 pieces per color design, we can produce other special designs or make it with 100% Cotton. The fabric used in this garment is Kaltex, with double and reinforced seams.

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