Women's Oxford Shirts

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Oxford blouses

Oxford Blouses

The Oxford executive blouses are ultra fresh, comfortable, and feature an innovative design. The fabric is highly durable, easy to iron and quick to dry, and they come with Ultra Fresh technology to keep you comfortable all day long, regardless of the weather. The combination of cotton and polyester ensures exceptional comfort, making these blouses ideal for long days where it's necessary to stay cool. They also come with technology that maintains the color of the garment wash after wash. Furthermore, we offer a variety of new and modern designs to suit your style.

Composition: 60% Cotton - 40% Polyester.

With Ultra Durable Color Technology and Ultra Fresh Technology.

Our Oxford blouses exude elegance in every detail, from the fabric to the modern designs we offer.
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Women's Oxford Shirts $35.99 USD $32.99 USD $29.99 USD $26.99 USD $24.99 USD

Prices include the following (plus tax):

-Embroidery (small) logo design (100+ pieces) 

-Delivery (to US Continental States)

Available in inventory without order minimums and ready for immediate delivery: Special orders can be done in over 100 units.

60% Cotton - 40% Polyester. Ultra Durable Color.

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