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Thank you for visiting Lazzar Uniforms Houston Texas, we have a wide selection of business, industrial, corporate, sanitary uniforms and more. All our products are manufactured in-house with high-quality materials and meet the standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

At Lazzar Uniforms, we believe that your employees deserve to look professional, be comfortable and, above all, be safe to perform their job optimally. In addition, personalized workwear can clearly define the role of each employee, bringing order and structure to your company.

For all these reasons, our garments keep up with the latest trends in design and quality for uniforms and workwear. The materials are of excellent durability, maintaining their color and texture, resisting daily use without losing their shape or color.

Are you looking for uniforms in Houston Texas? At Lazzar USA we offer a wide range of options to improve the safety of your employees and your company´s image. As manufacturers and distributors, we have inventory ready for immediate delivery and we guarantee to meet our customer´s demand.

We provide comprehensive solutions for different business profiles and job positions since we have presence throughout the country. We invite you to explore our website to find the highest quality uniforms and workwear at the best prices on the market.
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