High Visibility Industrial Shirt

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Color: Neon
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High Visibility Industrial Shirt  with reflective tapes, complies with the ANSI standard. 60% Alg. 40% Pol.

3M reflective tape, silver, 2 inches.

Available in stock with no minimums and for immediate delivery:

 - Neon Yellow with Navy, 2-inch double reflective tapes.

Camisoles with reflective available from inventory:
- Circuit Model (navy with pearl gray, short sleeves).
- Industrial Shirt  Model Ripstop (black, short sleeve).
- Industrial Shirt Private Security (White, long sleeve)
- Industrial Shirt Workwear  (khaki or navy blue, long sleeves).
- Industrial Shirt Autoshop, oxford gray with king, short sleeves.

Lazzar brand. Ultra Durability Technology.

All industrial shirts with reflective tapes are Lazzar brand, high quality, reinforced seams, small stitch, Brinco interlining and reinforced seams, specially manufactured with fine fabrics, suitable for high durability under continuous use. High Visibility Industrial Shirts are made with 3M brand reflective tape.
# of pieces 1 to 14 15 to 49 50 to 99 100 to 499 500 or more
High Visibility Industrial Shirt $45.99 USD $41.99 USD $38.99 USD $34.99 USD $26.99 USD
All prices include:
- Embroidery (1) (Without embroidery the price is $10.00 less)
- Embroidery or Punching Program (Each 100 pieces include one)
- Shipping to any part of Mexico (Orders greater than 50 pieces)
- ironing
- Individual Packaging
- Warranty

The available models of industrial shirts for inventory, without minimums and for immediate delivery are:
- Industrial shirts with Reflective Tapes (navy with neon yellow, reflective tapes).
- Industrial shirt Workwear (khaki, long sleeves).
- industrial Shirt  Circuit / Racing short sleeve, men and women, navy blue with pearl gray.
-  Industrial Shirt Security , with epaulettes and lapels, White color, short sleeves.

To all models of high visibility industrial shirts it is possible to add the 3M brand reflective tape without problems.

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