Two-Ply Cloth Facemask

From $1.59 To   $2.99 USD
Color: White
Size Quantity
1430 Available

Washable, lightweight and reusable Two-ply cloth face mask

Available in stock for immediate delivery in:
- White
- Black (waterproof)
- Navy
- Single-ply cloth facemask
- Two-ply cloth facemask
- Two-ply cloth facemask Premium (ergonomic nose bridge) (waterproof)

Washable and reusable cloth waterproof facemasks.
COLOR: white, navy, black.

Lazzar Brand
Preventive & Protection Technology.

Item available in stock.
Lazzar brand.
Protection Technology.
# of pieces 1 to 14 15 to 49 50 to 99 100 to 499 500 or more
Two-Ply Cloth Facemask $2.99 USD $2.89 USD $2.29 USD $1.69 USD $1.59 USD

TWO-PLY CLOTH FACEMASK. Lazzar quality, double-needle seams, and hems, Brinco interlining, manufactured with fine fabrics, able to withstand long-lasting durability with continuous use. We encourage you to contact our sales agents so we can advise you to the specific needs of your business, program a visit or send product samples so you can compare the quality of our two-ply Cloth Facemask 

Two-ply Cloth Facemask available colors: white, navy, black. Other colors available in orders above 500 units. For more information contact our sales representative.

Two-Ply Cloth Facemask with your company logo, specially manufactured for high durability.
Two-Ply Cloth Facemask is highly durable and high-quality fabrics and safely stitched with double-needle seams and hems.

Delivery (to US Continental States) included in orders over 250 pieces included.

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