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Premium Faceshield Premium Faceshield

Premium Faceshield

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PETg Faceshield PETg Faceshield

PETg Faceshield

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PET Faceshield PET Faceshield

PET Faceshield

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Washable, lightweight and reusable Face Shield

Available in stock for immediate delivery in:
- Transparent.
- Normal model.
- Premium model: With foam rubber and extra face space.

FACE SHIELD 100% Polyethylene terephthalate (PETg or PET) 20 pts.

Ergonomic and lightweight.
Corrosive and Chemical Resistant.
Adjutable once size fits all system.
Washable and reusable.

PREMIUM FACE SHIELD 100% Polyethylene terephthalate (PETg) 20 pts.
Acrilic base and Foam Rubber for extra confort.
Wide frontal face space.

Lazzar Brand
Preventive & Protection Technology.

Item available in stock.

Face Shields from the brand Lazzar. Our Face Shields are in accordance with the applicable industrial standards. The Face Shields can be provided immediately. We have available Transparent Face Shields. The face shields from Lazzar are ideal for preventive industry workwear. 

Face Shield available in transparent, premium and normal model, with immediate delivery.

Prices include the following (plus tax):

- Delivery to US Continental States (500+ pieces).
- Packaging
- Warranty

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