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We have the best quality for a high garment durability under stress conditions. Meet our Lazzar Brand quality, manufactured with care and with the best fabrics available for an excellent durability.


Established in 1986 in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico our company was created and operated under our own brand and it has grown rapidly to become a leader in the national textile industry, distributing products to the biggest retailers in Mexico. When the economic crisis hit the country in 1994, the company then decided to focus on the thriving exporting sector, because of the difficult circumstances around Mexico's internal market.

In 1999 the management personnel in our company envisioned an emerging market opportunity in the industrial and executive uniform production industry. Even though competition at the time was significant, Lazzar relied on the vertical integration of the best production centers through the nation and the best distributors and salesmen at the national and international level emerged as the top player in the industry. In addition, our company was able to offer through the special care of high quality fabrics and safely stitched with double needle seams and hems, far superior quality to its customers than found in the market. These factors combined with the economies of scale of our company, has also allowed us to offer the most competitive prices in the market.

We have sales offices located in 18 different locations in the biggest cities in Mexico and the United States and have achieved double-digit growth every year. Our company headquarters are located in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Our Mission

Dress the Best Companies in the World.


In 2027 we are a successful company with over 200 sales agents and financially sound. In LAZZAR we sell uniforms and are the first workwear option for companies across North America. We always strive to keep innovating in textile and processes new techonologies.

We have Distribution Centers in the biggest cities in North America, manufacturing 3.5 million garments per year, with our productive team of 42 manufacturing partners, who we develop and train. We deliver our uniforms in our own logistics fleet. Lazzar is an extraordinary company to work for! It is a place where there is stability, security, a great work environment, flexibility, order and respect – where we develop win-win relationships, a place where everybody is passionate to be and who is close to home.


Our 2027 Contribution is
(1) 35 University Schollarships to family members of our team in the best Universities in the Country;
(2) 35 Job Opportunnities for people with disabilities;
(3) 200 Confection Jobs in a highly marginalized zone;
(4) Eco-Lazzar: Develop Green (solar energy) projects in our production and packing process.

Our values







  • 13,000 ft2 manufacturing area.
    500,000 garments in stock.
    100,000 garments per month in production capacity.
    Delivery to Continental US States included* in orders over 50 pieces.
    Small logo included* in orders over 15 pieces.
    2-3 weeks* with logo (in stock).

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