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Price Starting At: $1.00
Price Starting At: $21.90
Price Starting At: $26.90
Price Starting At: $26.90
Price Starting At: $3.47

Scrub uniforms and medical uniforms with stains and blood resistance technology. Ideal for hospital workers and nurses.
Prices include the following (plus tax):  
- Logo embroidery (For orders above 15 pieces only)
- Logo design (orders above 100 units)
- Delivery to US Continental States.
- Ironing
- Individual Packaging
- Warranty
We have the following scrub uniforms in stock, without minimum order and for immediate delivery:
- Doctor Coats.
- Medical Scrubs.
- Scrub Pants.
- Nursing Scrubs.
- Dentist and Lab Coats.
- Sa and Vet uniforms.

Medical Uniforms from the brand Lazzar

Ultra Durability Color Technology.

All of the manufacturing process of the Medical Scrubs takes place in our facilities: special dyes, embroidery, stitching and fabrics are at our entire disposal in the development of your garments.
Our scrub uniforms and medical uniforms are from the brand Lazzar, made with a premium quality fabric, and are the best scrub uniforms available on the market.