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Custom Work Uniforms San Diego ideal for a professional image in your personnel. Get a quote today!
Prices include the following (plus tax): 
- 1 small Logo embroidery included.
- Embroidery design (orders above 100 units).
- Delivery to the Continental United States (orders above 50 units).
- Ironing.
- Individual Packaging.
- Warranty.
The following products are available in inventory, without minimum quantities and can be delivered immediately: Work Uniforms:
- Work Jackets.
- Rain Work Jackets (Sport and Orion).
- Workwear Mens Pants.
- Workwear Women Pants.
- Work Shirts and Work Blouses

Brand Lazzar.
Ultra Durable Color Technology .

All of the manufacturing of Work Uniforms takes place in our facilities: special dyes, embroidery, stitching and fabrics are at our entire disposal in the development of your garments.
Our Work Uniforms brand Lazzar, of premium quality, are the best work uniforms available in the market.