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Dry Fit Polo Shirt Dry Fit Polo Shirt

Dry Fit Polo Shirt

From $11.99 To  $27.99 USD
Performance Polo Shirt Performance Polo Shirt

Performance Polo Shirt

From $11.99 To  $27.99 USD
Pique Work Polo Pique Work Polo

Pique Work Polo

From $13.99 To  $27.99 USD
Combined Polo Shirt Combined Polo Shirt

Combined Polo Shirt

From $15.99 To  $30.99 USD
Women's Polo Shirt Women's Polo Shirt

Women's Polo Shirt

From $13.99 To  $27.99 USD
Polo Shirt P506 Polo Shirt P506

Polo Shirt P506

From $15.99 To  $30.99 USD
Polo Shirts W506 Polo Shirts W506

Polo Shirts W506

From $15.99 To  $30.99 USD
Dry Fit Work Polo Women Dry Fit Work Polo Women

Dry Fit Work Polo Women

From $11.99 To  $27.99 USD

Personalized Polo Shirts

We embroidery your logo on Polo Shirts. Get a price quote today! The designs for men and women that we have in stock are (Premium fabric, 50% cotton / 50% pol. Or Dry Fit 100% Pol.):

- P500 Piqué Premium Men and W500 Women (White, grey, red, black, navy blue, wine-colored, royal blue, oxford grey).
- Dry FIT Polo men or women cut (black, navy blue, white, oxford grey, royal blue) (100% pol).
- Placencia Polo men and women (oxford / navy blue).
-  P506 / W506 women / men (blue navy / white and wine-colored / black).
- Executive Dry Fit Premium Polo (blue navy / white, red / blue navy and white / blue navy, (100% pol.)), women or men.

Other colours and designs can be available according to the season, you can check our stock, which is updated daily every hour.
The polo fabric is knitted fabric and dyed internally.
Orders over 200 polo pieces per colour, we can manufacture other designs and colours.

All the prices (plus tax) include :

- Embroidered Logo (1) (Small)
- Logo Design (100 pieces include 1 design)
- Delivery to the US Continental State (Orders over 50 pieces)
- Ironing
- Individual Packaging
- Warranty

Polo shirts are made with piqué cotton o dry fit, a type of fabric that allows the body's ventilation, keeping employees fresh and comfortable, without losing the touch of elegance they provide to the clothing. Also known as imperial knit, PK or Marseille; can be manufactured in a huge variety of colours. It's textile's fibres allow for embroidery and prints of logos and slogans with long-lasting and high-quality results.

Made to last longer, polo shirts are wash-resistant and don't lose their colour or embroidery, making it a profitable long-term investment. In addition, it is a fabric that does not wrinkle.  Having a canelé neck and buttons on the chest guarantee a good fit, adapting to all types of bodies.

Benefits of having Personalized Polo Shirts

For several decades, polo shirts have been used in all types of uniforms thanks to their versatility, variety of colours, possibility of being customized and their quality in textiles.

You may be wondering, "Why have polo shirts for uniforms?" There are plenty of reasons such as:  when your customers visit your business they will quickly recognize the employees available to help them. The more frequently they see your brand logo, the higher the likelihood that your customers will remember it, which will help you position yourself as a solution to their needs.

Personalized Polo Shirts for events

In addition to being worn as uniforms, personalized polo shirts are ideal for fairs, conferences and even as a gift to employees or customers, or as promotional gifts to attract potential customers.

These gifts are ideal for brand positioning, as they last longer than others, such as pens. Polo shirts are light to wear under a sweater on cold days and comfortable in warm climates.

Polo Shirts for Uniforms

Choosing uniforms for employees as polo shirts is easier; worn with jeans for staff who perform physical tasks, or with dress pants for office workers and customer service.

A polo shirt offers the best way to keep employees comfortable and fresh, and at the same time project the company's right image.


1. Can I get custom polo shirts embroidered? 

Yes, Lazzar offers a wide range of custom polo shirts as well. You can get Polo Shirts embroidered. We offer premium quality fabric with elite designs for both men and women. The personalized polo shirts are ideal for brand positioning. Besides being ideal for conferences or fairs, custom polo shirts are also pretty compatible for a warm climate and light enough to wear under a sweater on cold days.

2. Do you offer Lazzar Dry-FIT polo shirts?

With ultra-durable colour and 100% polyester, Lazzar offers dry fit polo shirts for both men and women. There are multiple colours available. You can choose your favourite coloured dry fit polo shirt. The shirts are adequately designed according to the dry fit humidity control technology. Lazzar aims to provide premium quality polo shirts that are ideal in looks and quality as well.

3. How do I order ?

If you want to order Lazzar polo shirts, the procedure is quite simple. Log on to the Lazzar website and place your order there. Select the model and sizes, and provide your company logo and other specifications. Lazzar will then send you a digital sample. You can add comments on the sample and ask for any editing if required. As soon as you approve the digital sample, Lazzar will proceed with your order, and the estimated shipment date is 8-12 business days.

4. Is there a minimum order size?

There is no minimum order restriction on stock items. You can go for only one polo shirt, or you can even order one thousand at a time. There is a wide range of colours available according to the preferences of both men and women. You only need to choose your favourite apparel, select the best colour according to your choice, select the size, and confirm your order.

5. Which colours are available?

You should instead ask that which colours are not available. Lazzar offers multiple colours. There are different shades available in a single colour as well. The colours range from green to brown, blue to black, grey to white, and more. According to the preferences of both men and women, Lazzar offers a wholesome customer service that you will never regret buying.

6. Do you have styles for men and women?

Yes, multiple designs and a wide range of colours are available for both men and women. For every type of apparel, Lazzar makes for his customer, numerous options are available for both men and women. From style and designs to colour and size range, Lazzar provides premium quality products for all its customers, either men or women.

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